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    Three syllable names ending in o?

    Hubby has admitted to me that he cares more about how a name sounds with our last name rather than how much he actually likes said first name.
    So... I'm looking for three syllable names that end in o, but that aren't traditionally Italian/ Latino names. ( hard right?!)

    Our last name sounds like Lennon and the three syllables sound good with our last name and the o ending is complimented by the starting L , so I'm trying to come up with a list that I can run by hubby.
    Baby is due on Saturday and we don't have a boys name.

    So far, I have Apollo ( too Greek?) which I can use anyways cause it sounds way to l heavy with Lennon

    But we have Jericho. Jericho Lennon.

    Any others you can think of?
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    I'm not sure if I am going to be any help! Three syllable boy names ending in O that are not traditionally Italian/ Latino names? I am not sure if these suggestions, in any way fit your criteria! But here goes.
    Suggestions (3 syllables) - Ignacio, Maximo, Orlando, Romeo, Lazzaro, Indio, Lerato, Leonardo, Matteo, Lerado, Leandro, Roberto and Arturo.
    Suggestions (2 syllables) - Arlo, Neo, Leto, Marco, Hugo, Milo, Rocco, Draco, Laszlo, Otto and Benno.
    Suggestion (1 syllable) - Beau (I know it does not end in 'O', however, it has the long 'O' sound.
    All the best in finding the perfect name for your little one.
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    Why don't you do a Super Search? You can search for 3 syllable names that end with O.
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    I really like Jericho. Sounds great with Lennon and is a cool name.
    It's pretty tough to find non-Latino/Italian sounding names that end in O since that's the whole deal with them, lol, but there are some that are used more widely.

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    I was going to suggest Matteo but I think Jericho Lennon is lovely!

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