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    Both of my babes were conceived at night, before bed. I don't think it really matters. I was ttc for 8 months before my current pregnancy. The only thing that I did differently the month that we conceived is I put a pillow under my hips and turned around in the bed and put my legs up against the wall. I would have my phone on the nightstand and would check email or read a blog or something for about 20 minutes or so. The other months I always got up to pee after about 5 mins or so. I don't know if it really made a difference but if we ttc #3 in the future I will probably try it again.
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    Off the original question but in terms of de-stressing. We would often meet up for dinner out after work while we were TTC...helped to make it feel relaxed and avoid the whole come home stressed "we have to do it now!!!" issue. I highly recommend if you can treat yourselves to that some days during that window.

    My daughter was conceived at night (and after tapas and a lovely pineapple margarita!).
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    @sarahmezz's - That makes me feel so much better knowing I am not crazy or the only one stressing. I am trying to relax and I have decided not to research anymore because you hear so many things all over. My bf even started researching because he believes once the egg is released it lives up to 24-48 hours when I thought it was only 24. This is how crazy my mind has become lol. No more researching...I definitely have stopped with looking up symptoms because the prego symptoms are the same as my period so I decided to just wait and see. I am hoping and praying this months efforts will pay off. And I hope you have great news this month as well!

    rosebyanyothername- So after having sex you put your feet up against the wall and peed a lot or you did that to just relax in general?

    lineska's- Thank you for chiming in! We have only been having sex before bed because that is when I feel most relaxed. During the day things are crazy and I do not want to feel like we have to do it now as well. I just do not want to miss the window of opportunity every time for months on end. I definitely am in tune with my body enough to know on the 14th( tonight) that is when I am ovulating do to cramps and higher sex drive. I just hope it pays off!
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    My thoughts on this are... "If you have sex at least every other day, the sperm will pretty much always be alive in there somewhere!" I know that sounds super scientific, haha. We mostly have sex at night before bed, sometimes in the early morning hours, but we're not actively TTC at the moment so it's just whenever the mood strikes (and when Rowan is asleep) I'd say for TTC purposes, at night would be better because you can lay still afterwards and go to sleep, but I don't know if that has any merit or not.

    Not to sound overly critical or anything, but maybe if you stopped presenting it as "I'm ovulating, so we MUST do it now." He would be a little more excited about it? I know my husband gets all weird if I tell him I'm ovulating and wouldn't treat it as *normal* fun sex. It becomes "making baby" sex and that's definitely not what men want to think about. Just relax and enjoy the spontaneity of it before you have to time sex around a 21 month old's nap/sleep schedule (haha, personal tidbit there)
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    I've read the closer you have sex to your ovulation day, the more likely you'll conceive a boy. The farther away most likely a girl, but I haven't read anything about the time, although men usually "perform" better rested, so whenever your hubby gets up from his 8 hours I'd say you're bett with having a chance then regardless if he's on the day or night shift.
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