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    I have a new name crush... do you think its usable?

    So I was asking my husband about the name Everett, I love it. He said he doesn't like it but he likes the name Everest. I was surprised that I actually really like the name Everest!

    I am not normally a fan of place names like Paris, London, Brooklyn etc but for some reason I am liking this one a lot.

    Do you guys think this is too weird? Does it clash with my sons name Leo?

    I would use a really tradition middle name go balance it out, maybe something like Everest Philip or Everest Theodore.

    Ok be honest!

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    I think Everest is lovely! I don't think it's weird at all! I think it's very masculine and Mt. Everest just enhances that image. Hmm...Leo and Everest...I can see it working. I think Leo Alexander and Everest Theodore would be a great sibset!
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    Everest definitely has the 'cool' factor since it stands for, well, the most well-known mountain top of today. But while the name is also original (a plus), I have to say I still prefer the more classic and stylish sounding Everett. I think it pairs better with your other son Leo (another traditional pick) and despite Everest and Everett's similarities, I think Everett just sounds more masculine.

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    I like both Everest and Everett. Both mn sound fine to me, but I am not picky when it comes to middle names and sibsets. Best wishes!

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    Everest, for me, is one of those cool nature names like Raineer (I know I mispelled that!), River, Lake, etc. I think it's definitely useable.
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