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    Honestly in my hometown most of the virtue names a la Epiphany, Serenity, Charisma, Charity, etc. are considered very trashy and so that's my first reaction although that may be because I do not get the religious significance.

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    I have them occasionally. Don't care for it as a name.

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    There was a soap opera that I used to follow that had a character named Epiphany, and that was the first time that I heard the name. I recall that the character as being wise and witty, so I do have so positive impressions of it. That said, it is a very bold and loud name. I think the opportunity for Pip, Pippy, or Annie is there if the child decides that she is not so bold. I like it best in the middle, or maybe something like Marie-Epiphany, which gives it just a little something more.

    Best of luck!
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    I agree with those who said as a middle name for a religious family it could work. It's hard to imagine as a first name, at least in my circle--though I know those type of names are quite popular in some highly Catholic countries.
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    I can see why it's appealing, the sound is very soft and flowing. I prefer similar-sounding Symphony though for a name.

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