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    My name is Bridget and I can assure you NO MATTER how you choose to spell it, she will spend her entire life correcting people on how to spell her name. I get:


    The MOST intuitive way to spell it is the way my mother spelled it ("Bridge" with a "T") but people STILL mess it up. And i miss emails constantly because even though I spell my address to people over the phone, they go ahead and spell it their own way, OR mishear me ("No it's D THEN G THEN E ONE T" is something I say everyday at least once)

    The whole name is a pain. FYI: high school boys will rhyme "Bridget" with "Frigid" too.

    If you absolutely must pick this name, pick the "ET" spelling if for no other reason than more people have heard it, so she'll have a TINY chance of it being spelled right.
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