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Thread: Which Spelling

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    Which Spelling

    Brigid or Bridget? Generally I prefer the look of Brigid but I'm worried that she will spend her whole life correcting people on the spelling of her name since Bridget is so much more common in the US. Which do you prefer Brigid or Bridget?

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    I prefer Bridget. Brigid reminds me of frigid. Love the name by the way!

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    Brigid reminds me of frigid, sorry. I just look at it and it's one letter off and I can't shake that. Bridget is more Ms Jones, a much better association.

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    Although I like Brigid, I would choose the Bridget spelling if you live in the US. I believe Brighid is the Gaelic spelling and depending on the area of Ireland, it can be pronounced as "bride" or "bree-id" instead of "BRID-jit". The Saint and the correct pronounciation of the spelling Brigid is with a hard "G" (brigg-id).
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    I like both. We're planning on using Brigid if we have another girl, but my husband just likes that spelling because it's closer to the original. Bridget is much more familiar in the US, so I'd definitely go with that if you don't want her to have to correct the spelling of her name all the time. We aren't that worried about it. My name is spelled a less common way and no one ever gets it right the first time, but I survived.

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