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    Avelyn: hit or miss?

    I'm looking for a unique, feminine girls name and thought of Avelyn as an option. I can't find the name anywhere, but really like it. Looking for some honest opinions about it....

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    I'm not quite sure how to pronounce it. Is it A-vah-lyn or Ah-vah-lyn? The spelling itself looks so trendy with the -lyn ending and the similarities to names like Ava, Avery, Evelyn, ect. I'm honestly not a fan. Perhaps you would like the name Avalon?
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    I don't despise it, per say, but I dislike it. The immediate thing that comes to mind is a misspelled version of Evelyn, and I'm not a huge fan of the sound (I'm guessing it's AH-veh-lin). The random Y there in the ending only contributes to, in my opinion, the modern, invented look about the whole name.
    There are plenty of lesser-known Ava/Eve variants that are beautiful. I'd suggest Aveline, for you, in particular.

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    There is a perfectly fine French name of Aveline so I don't find trendy Avelyn particularly appealing. It just another modern invention along the lines of Adalyn/Adelyn/Madelyn.
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    Pronounced aH-veh-lyn, like Evelyn.

    And the play on misspelling (a la Jaxson etc) is something I want to avoid. I just loved the way the name flowed and like the way it looks.... back to the drawing board.

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