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    Quote Originally Posted by rgp19 View Post
    Wow! People really need to consult a baby name book..
    And if these names were in a book?

    Wow, some of these names seem as if they belong in a comic book.

    aspian Atlas Locke ▪ Ƶephyrus Alan Psalm
    Oberon ▫ Raphael ▫ Sebastian ▫ Orion ▫ Phoenix ▫ Edmund ▫ Jasper ▫ Solomon

    Łiliana Adelia Claire ▪ Ɲoemi Adlumia Fable
    Chrysanthe ▫ Juniper ▫ Isabeau ▫ Camellia ▫ Galilea ▫ Yara ▫ Chloe


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    You made most of these up, right? Please???

    Addyson James - I think you misclassified this as a girls name when it clearly should be in the boys section.
    Aries Lillian - Aries seems so masculine to me.
    Aurora Frost - morning frost? That's nice.
    Creedence Harmony - Um, no.
    Dangerous Lee Mayham - Dangerous sounds like it would be a boys name. They're labeling their child as a danger. For the rest. of. their LIFE. How sad.
    Merrick Jane - Merrick is so not a boys' name.
    Miss Green - Um, what?
    Palmer Juliet - Surely the birth announcement just reversed this child's first and last name, right?
    Phyllisity - OUCH.

    Kooper Jinx - Jinx! Double jinx! You owe me a coke!
    Kree Oath - WTH?
    Legend - Legendary.
    Ranger Everett - So he could be Ranger Ranger Lastname some day? Nice.
    Rickey Richardo - This only works if you're Desi Arnaz's FICTIONAL character.
    Sage Spirit - Hope this kid's got spirit.
    Wyatt Loyal - At least Loyal's the middle name.

    Alfred Otto - I like this one!
    Dana Kapono - don't like Kapono but Dana's refreshing on a boy.
    Domayne Ki'Yomie - Domayne? Seriously?
    Elisha Brantley - I like this.
    Emerson James Richard - LOVE.
    James Addison - GORGEOUS.
    Kal-El Ashok - Kal-El only works for Superman.
    Majur Elijah - Hopefully Majur isn't a major pain.

    Aniston Dance - Can Aniston dance?
    Daisy Blu Rain - A blue daisy in the rain?
    J'Adore Trezjore Monet' - A child's name shouldn't be a sentence.
    Memory Massiah - No, just no.
    Paisley Creek - I bet that creek is lovely.
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    Aurora Frost, Chandler Elizabeth, Alfred Otto and James Addison are not too bad.
    The other names are very bad... I feel sorry for them.
    I agree with mischa!
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    Addyson James - this was meant to be in the boy's section right?! RIGHT?!
    Dangerous Lee Mayham - ye gads!
    Luccassey - what on earth is Luccassey meant t be?
    Phyllisity - <weeps>

    Kooper Jinx - <sighs>
    Rickey Richardo - err
    Patxi John - is this pronounced Patsy?!
    Seven Sin’cere - Seven is passable, but Sin'cere, come on!

    Chevy Eva HeavenLee Ester - Eva Ester would have been nice
    J’Adore Trezjore Monet’ - trying to be "classy" and failing BIG time
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    Aries Lillian - Aries was a male god, so this bothers me. It bothers me even more that it's NOT EVEN HER ZODIAC SIGN. If she was born recently it would likely be Cancer!
    Dangerous Lee Mayham - oh god, why?
    Edisyn Leona - I love Leona, but Edisyn is just wrong.
    Lively June Rosamond - Lively is actually not a terrible name, and the combo is pretty!
    Maddyn Donn - All boy. Soooo boyish.
    Phyllisity Jean - please stop.

    Aries Rick Edward - at least this one has the correct gender.
    Rickey Richardo - what.
    Wyatt Loyal - Loyal is actually kind of great in the middle.

    Domayne Ki’Yomie - I... no.
    Majur Elijah - you spelled "Major" wrong.
    Marion Antwon - Marion on a boy is actually kind of awesome and legitimate.
    Odin Stormwind - this is seriously the most epic name EVER and I want to be named this if I was a boy.

    Chevy Eva HeavenLee Ester - oh good lord.
    Heavenly Grace - you're not nearly as original as you think you are, parents.
    J’Adore Trezjore Monet’ - stop it. STOP IT.
    Memory Massiah / Messiah Xa’Neria - Messiah on a baby is weird in general. On a GIRL, it's even worse, and the first one isn't even spelled correctly. But I know a girl named Memory who loves her name, so if she manages to never tell anyone her middle name, she might be okay.
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