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    Indie - I would not recommend. Nicknamey and shares the start with Imogen. Instead, consider: Andrea nn Andi, Edina, Clarinda nn Indie, Belinda nn Indie, Dorinda nn Indie, Lucinda nn Indie.
    Eleanor - lovely! Also consider Helena, Lenora.
    Esther - love it! Also consider Hester, Hesper, Vesper, Estelle, Estella, Estee.
    Charlotte - very nice although much more popular than Imogen. Maybe: Olivette, Violet(te), Juliet(te), Letitia.
    Ivy - too much I. Consider: Edith nn Edie, Eve nn Evie, Livia, Olive, Oliva, Laurel
    Brooklyn -- too popular/modern. For place name inspired names, maybe: Persis, Roma, Astoria (also New York)
    Lola - could work, a little too modern/"sexy" next to more bookish imagine though? Consider: Louisa, Nola
    Talulah - similar feedback to Lola. Consider: Talia, Thalia, Thalassa, Alula

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    Thanks for all your suggestions! We are in South Africa, but I'm American.

    I've narrowed my choices down to Esther (this is growing on me as this is my 90yr old great grandmas name) Eleanor and Charlotte. But will probably end up choosing one of the E's as those are the only 2 hubby likes.

    Really appreciate all the suggestions and comments though!

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    Congrats!!! From your list I love Eleanor, Ivy, charlotte, and Lola ...all on my list as well

    I think Imogen and Eleanor go together perfectly!

    Eleanor Ivy sounds lovely!

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    Out of Esther, Eleanor and Charlotte, I definitely prefer Eleanor

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    Indie- not a fan. I think of the music.
    Eleanor- This goes quite well with Imogen.
    Esther- My fav with Imogen. It's just such a sweet name, while still having so much strength from the Biblical story.
    Charlotte- Dime a dozen.
    Ivy- Another I name. Not a fan...
    Brooklyn- Doesn't have the class that Imogen does.
    Lola- I love this as a nn, but not a full name. Perhaps due to the "Copa Cabana", I just think "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl"... and it does seem a bit like an exotic dancer name to me... no offense intended.
    Talulah- It's nice, although it sounds a bit more country and less strong than Imogen.
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