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    Indie - I would not recommend. Nicknamey and shares the start with Imogen. Instead, consider: Andrea nn Andi, Edina, Clarinda nn Indie, Belinda nn Indie, Dorinda nn Indie, Lucinda nn Indie.
    Eleanor - lovely! Also consider Helena, Lenora.
    Esther - love it! Also consider Hester, Hesper, Vesper, Estelle, Estella, Estee.
    Charlotte - very nice although much more popular than Imogen. Maybe: Olivette, Violet(te), Juliet(te), Letitia.
    Ivy - too much I. Consider: Edith nn Edie, Eve nn Evie, Livia, Olive, Oliva, Laurel
    Brooklyn -- too popular/modern. For place name inspired names, maybe: Persis, Roma, Astoria (also New York)
    Lola - could work, a little too modern/"sexy" next to more bookish imagine though? Consider: Louisa, Nola
    Talulah - similar feedback to Lola. Consider: Talia, Thalia, Thalassa, Alula

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