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  • Penelope Lake

    45 47.37%
  • Molly Rosalyn

    30 31.58%
  • Rosalyn Belle

    20 21.05%
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    Due in a week! Finalizing a girl name.

    Hi Nameberries!

    I am due in one week, and I want your opinion on these 3 final girl names. My husband and I do not know the sex of the baby, but we are set on a boy name already, just having trouble deciding for a girl... It's a toss-up between the 3 for me, I love them all. Just want to see what you think.

    Penelope Lake - My husband and I love the name Penelope. My name is Brooke, so I thought Lake would be a nod to my "water" name.
    Molly Rosalyn - My husband and I love the name Molly. Rosalyn is a combo of our middle names, Ross and Lynn.
    Rosalyn Belle - Rosalyn is a combo of our middle names, Ross and Lynn. I love the name "Belle". Plus I'm a huge Disney fan, and she's one of my favorites.

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    1 Penelope Lake - sounds like a film star name (Veronica Lake of the peek-a-boo hairdo ).
    2 Molly Rosalyn - I would rather have Molly Rosalind because I don't like the two y's in the combo.
    3 Roslyn Belle - Ok but nothing exciting.
    All the best,

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    I think Penelope, Molly, and Rosalyn are all cute but I voted for Molly Rosalyn. It has a bit of assonance (the 'o' sound) but I like the combination the best; I'm not a big fan of Lake or Belle. I know Penelope is pretty well-loved, but I get a feeling it is on an big upward swing right now. Molly, on the other hand, would probably (?) be the only in her class--I don't know how much that matters to you, though. Rosalyn as a fn could work, but I don't think Belle ages very well. Rosalyn Annabelle sounds a little more resume-ready. Molly Brooke also sounds cute and spunky to me. I don't see a reason why your fn can't be her mn. Good luck!
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    I think Molly is seriously due for a comeback.
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    None of them have amazing flow, but Penelope and Molly are my favorite firsts. What about Penelope Rosalyn? Bit longer, but I like the flow better than Molly Rosalyn and the meaning behind it is more interesting.
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