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Thread: Fox

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    i love fox!
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    Fox is on my list I love it for both
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    I like it. It's connected via folklore to the name Saul, which I really love, while having a certain edge that is a contrast to the old-fashioned Biblical names I am drawn to that get criticized for being "dusty." Fox isn't dusty! I don't like it as a middle name though - it just feels surname-y there.

    But my husband had loved it until he mentioned it to some people, and they disliked it, and now he's edging away from it as "too much."

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    In a way, it's a bit much. But in's just awesome. Fox is the kind of name I feel like a lot of people wish they had the stones to use. I know a kid named Ace Factor. Ace? Ace Factor? Yeah. We'd probably be pretty judgey about it here on Nameberry, but everyone who meets him just thinks it's awesome. Because it is! Fox is a pretty awesome name. Even if it's a bit much at first, I think your kid will grow into it and embrace the coolness of it.

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