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Thread: Fox

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    Is it crazy to name a boy just Fox? I love it. My partner actually likes it too. So I'm wondering. Thanks!

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    Not crazy at all! Nature and word names are quite popular now. You would give him a middle name, right?
    Any longer name with Fox just sounds too stuck up. Foxworth, for example.
    Fox Mulder was a character on a tv show, and the creator is said to have named him after someone he knows.
    There was a character on a soap opera named Fox. Foxworth was his middle and he went by Fox, so that is where I got Foxworth from.
    I love it! Names with x in them are popular and have a nice sound. It is not that bizarre to name your son Fox. It would be bizarre to name your son Canis Vulpes

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    Fox sound silly on a person, to be honest.
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    I see the appeal, but I just worry if you change the vowel a tiny tiny bit you get a naughty word.
    I like Fox as a nickname for Forrest or Foster.

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    I really love Fox - but the way I say it, the way my partner say it, it just sounds really, really rude!

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