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    Update: With 24-48 hours to go...

    Hey all,
    I've been away from these forums for a few weeks now (our two laptops got stolen, so internet access has been less convenient), but I wanted to check back in here to give an update on the naming process since the baby will be entering this world sometime in the next day or two (earlier than expected by almost two weeks). The next post you see from me will (hopefully) be in the 'birth announcement' forum sometime in the next few(ish) days.

    We're taking our top two options with us:
    Jasper Ioas Brandt Luckie
    Emrys Nabil Brandt Luckie
    Evander, Amias, Aurelio/Aurelius, Oisin and Caius are coming along as 'just-in-case' options.

    (If it's a girl, we've settled solidly on Mayna Tahirih Rose Luckie)

    Plus, we're also doing last second reflecting to find any names with the 'lei' (lay) or 'xin' (sheen) sound in it (my wife really likes those two Chinese characters in a name, as they both have awesome meanings---- the 'lei' character in Chinese means something like strong and steadfast, as well as someone who is very just. 'xin' means happy.) So, if you know of any other names with either of these sounds in it, let me know, there still is definitely time for some last second additions to our 'just-in-case' list.
    Updated Name List- Vote away...

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    A solid vote for Emrys. After all that's been discussed, I think it's perfect for you. It's also a beautiful name. My second and third choices are Amias and Evander.

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    You know, I've been checking for that announcement everyday the last week, I was sure he was already here. And sure he was a he .

    I'm still in the Emrys camp, even though I also love Jasper for you. You really can't go wrong with either. Good luck with the delivery and everything!

    (And I'm sorry someone stole your laptops! How rude...)
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    I vote for Evander!

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    I've been waiting for an announcement... sorry about the computers, was it a home break in? Thieves tried to steal my cell phone last week (second time this has happened in the past 3 months), and a fist fight ensued. We got the phone back, but I hurt my leg in the process. Still waiting for it to heal... So I feel you. As for the baby, hopefully congrats by now! Mayna is gorgeous, and I'm staunchly in the Jasper camp... it just ties together your names, beliefs, and cultures so well. Love it! However, you really can't go wrong with either name... they're both great choices!
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