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    Thoughts on Vesper


    Wondered what you all thought of the name Vesper for a baby girl?

    Due in October and don't know the sex. We are hoping to have a couple of names for each sex that we like and then we pick which we think suits best when baby is born. The only other two girls names we are agreed on are Violet and Cora.

    Vesper was thrown into the mix yesterday and we both like it. Would like to know what everyone's initial thoughts are? I'm concerned its a little too unusual. I like names that are pretty but not too common. Thanks!

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    I don't like it, it sounds much too masculine for me. Violet and Cora are very sweet names - though I'd personally go with Cora.
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    I actually really like Vesper; it conjures up this image of dusk where the stars are faint and the sun is low, the tipping point before night. I really love it!
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    I love it!! Sounds very modern and spunky!

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    Thanks, its interesting to hear different thoughts. It means 'evening star' in Latin and is also associated with Catholic evening prayer. It's a bit more 'out there' than our other choices. It's also the name of one of the characters in Casino Royale - Vesper Lynd.

    I'm never sure if its wise to give a child such an unusual name. Her middle name would be Jacqueline so it would be Vesper Jacqueline Petch.

    There's also the association of Vespa scooters unfortunately but not sure how common they are for people to be thinking of that.

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