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    Silas - Its the name of a serial killer in a British soap, so I don't think that'll go down well with him.
    Jesse - I'm not overly keen on Jess'names.
    Arthur - I really like Arthur and its from the same era as Tristan, but OH has vetoed it.
    Sterling - British currency =/
    Darius - Funnily enough he suggested Darryl, but I don't think he was serious
    Oscar - Vetoed already
    Walter - I'm not too fond of this name
    Dexter - I LOVE Dexter, but the stupid man has already vetoed this one too =(
    Wesley - Name of my OH friend. Weston might be an option tho!
    Wyatt - I like this name... will put it on the potential list!
    Fraser - I'm not fond of Fraser, it doesn't sound pleasant to me
    Dean - I'm feeling fairly neutral about this one, might pop it on the list and see if it grows on me
    Vaughn - Not easily pronounced in my native tongue
    Grant - I'm not fond of thi sname either im afriad
    Dante - Vetoed too
    Barnaby - Considering I know a Barnaby who hates his name I don't think it's a good option. He says everyone laughs when he says his full names =/ which isn't cool
    Cormac - Bad associations =/
    Bryce - Too.. butch? I don't know it sounds too hard!

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    Oh, I hope he likes Caleb! It fits in really well with Tristan and Noah!
    Suggestions (sorry if I repeat any):

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    Ethan - defo nono! We've got way too many Ethans around here. Think there are 4 at my childrens nursery alone + 2 friends children
    Declan - I really just think Ant+Dec which are two presenters over here
    Logan - Logan is really nice, but OH made "the face" ><
    Finn - Another name that got the face
    Bailey - It's a drink =/
    Asher - I love Asher, Oh said "As in Ash & Pikachu? I don't think so!"

    Omg.. >_<

    I also pulled out the list I had saved and gave him:

    Eli - This one got a shrug.. and a maybe! That's usually a no!
    Seth - This got a big yes! First one that actually got a yes!
    Remy - veto
    Jude - big veto
    Caleb - veto
    Miles - veto (and laughed!)
    Levi - "Wha.. NO!" >_<
    Dean - "Why don't we just call him DAVE!?" ... I take it that's a veto!
    Dexter - Veto

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    I was going to suggest Caleb! I was thinking instead of Senri maybe Henry? I think Seth would be lovely with Tristan and Noah.

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