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    Last name: Riddle
    DH: Edward Thaddeus
    DW: Aphra June
    DD1: Allegra Primrose
    DD2: Marina Soleil
    DS1: Remus Alonzo
    DD3: Eira Lavender
    DS2: Lucian Gray
    DS3: Jasper Aurelius
    DD4: Monroe Ziva
    DD : Callista Ocean
    DS4: Lennox Dominic
    Dog: Rona

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    Last name: Hayes. They live in Denver, Colorado.

    DH: Cody Benjamin - 40 years old, has dark brown curly hair, and brown eyes. Is a councilor, and loves to talk to people. He loves to build things and be outdoors. He is home a lot and spends time with each of his kids individually doing what they want to do.

    DW: Alice Evangeline - 39 years old, has light blond wavy hair that is starting to grey ever so slightly, and blue eyes. Is a dentist and loves her job because she doesn't have to work long hours and can spend lots of time with her kids. Loves to do DIY things around the house and give random gifts to people. Her husband calls her Allie.

    DD1: Gemma Evelyn - 16 years old, auburn curls, blue eyes. Is very studious and loves school. She wants to be a scientist when she grows up and her dream is to find the cure for cancer. She is also very sociable, as well.

    DD2: Vanessa Kaye - 14 years old, light brown curls, brown eyes, is very into shopping and fashion. Wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Sews clothes all the time in her room. Family calls her Nessa.

    DS1: Asher Samuel - 12 years old, blond curls, is very into sports and athletic stuff. Wants to be a pro-football player when he grows up and plays football all the time with his friends. Family calls him Ash.

    DD3: Lydia Seraphine - 10 years old, light brown, long, curls (to waist), blue eyes. Wants to be a professional pianist. Practices all day long. Family calls her Lyddie.

    DS2: Sebastian Jake - 8 years old, dark brown curls, brown eyes. Is a ladies' man and is always showing off. This gets him hurt or in trouble a lot, because he does dangerous things to impress girls. Family calls him Sebbie or, when he's being dangerous or destructive, Bash.

    DS3: Martin William - 6 years old, dirty blond straight hair, loves to sing to himself all the time and constantly makes up songs about everything. Family calls him Mar.

    DD4: Anastasia Pearl - 4 years old, blond curls, brown eyes. Very smart and likes to read picture books to herself. The family calls her Ana.

    DD5: Bianca Muse - 2 years old, reddish-brown curls, blue eyes. Very energetic and likes to talk the whole day long. Her favorite thing to do is crafts, especially involving glitter.

    DS4: Landon Zale - 2 months, happy, chubby baby with dark brown curls and blue-grey eyes. The family calls him Lannie.

    Sasha is a fluffy white long haired girl cat with blue eyes. She likes to sit at the window all day long. She is very good with the kids, and snuggles with them.

    Sorry for the long story...I was bored...:/
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    Boys: Hugo, Rowan

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    polina ∙ 19 ∙ art history major ∙ web developer
    french/russian/swedish ∙ living in st. petersburg, russia


    in the silence of your bones and eyes
    forgotten magic sits and waits for fire

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    West Midlands, UK
    The Spellman Family

    H: Franklin Theodore Arthur
    W: Melody Rose

    D1: Skye Minerva
    D2: Rosalie Emma
    S1: Quinn Evan
    D3: Adelaide Winter
    S2: Sebastian Archer
    S3: Roman Dante
    D4: Ramona Eleni
    D5: Summer Liberty
    S4: Alexei Caleb
    Dog: Angus

    Frankie (45) and Melody (43) with: Skye (20), Rose (19), Quinn (16), Addie (14), Seb (12), Roman (10), Mona (9), Summer (6), Lex (4); and Gussie the Daschund (6).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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