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    Jul 2013

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    Jan 2014
    Last name: Reid

    DH: Ezekial Ronan *Zeke*

    DW: Octavia Rose

    DD1: Maia Adele

    DD2: Raven Leonie *Leo*

    DS1: Oliver Godric

    DD3: Genevieve Ottoline *Otto*

    DS2: Sebastian Cole *Bas*

    DS3: William Knox *Liam*

    DD4: Ruby Louise

    DD5: Shiloh Grace

    DS4: Hugo Matthew

    Cat: Clyde
    Dog: Winchester *Winnie*
    Dog: Archie
    Aurora. Belle. Claire. Celeste. Daisy. Emmeline. Eleanor. Grace. Lucille. Liliana. Louise. Maia. Mariposa. Ruby. Zelda.

    Benjamin. Castiel. Elijah. Elliott. Ezekiel. Ezra. Gideon. Henry. Julian. Kane. Logan. Maxwell. Oliver. Tristan. Wesley.

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Echo. Ever. Fable. Luna. Lyric. Maple. Nova. Petal. Poet. Sonnet. Shade. Story. Storm. Tulip. True.

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    Mar 2014
    Last name: Mitchell

    DH: Clayton James

    DW: Meredith Noelle (née Cullen)

    DD1: Evelyn Lake 'Lake'

    DD2: Ava Lorelei

    DS1: Asher Miles

    DD3: Gracyn Wren

    DS2: Thomas Reeve 'Reeve'

    DS3: Heath William

    DD4: Bethany Monroe 'Monroe'

    DD5: Chsrity Savannah 'Vannah'

    DS4: Nash Ryan

    Dog: Ramsey

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    LN: Levy
    DH: Mingus Samson
    DW: Prudence Melody

    DD1: Dash Aurora
    DD2: Tally Larissa
    DS1: Lake Remus
    DD3: Tuesday Spring
    DS2: Cash Damian
    DS3: River Knox
    DD4: Eleni India
    DD5: Aviva Liberty
    DS4: Maksim Penn
    LN: Lee
    DH: James Edward
    DW: Eliza June

    DD1: Harper Anne
    DD2: Emma Nicole
    DS1: Asher Evan
    DD3: Lily Joy
    DS2: Cole Patrick
    DS3: Blake Ashton
    DD4: Bethany Mae
    DD5: Savannah Grace
    DS4: Channing Thatcher

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    Aug 2009
    icon by soaked @ lj.

    favorites - girls:

    Persephone, Titania, Clementine, Margaret.

    favorites - boys:

    Loup, Oisin, Henry, Clovis, Gideon.

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