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    Closing in on due date - need boy name help!

    I would really appreciate your feedback on some name combinations I'm considering. Sisters are Raphaela Helene and Isabelle Margaret. Brothers all have old testament origin names (Daniel David, Benjamin John, Elijah Steele). Last name sounds like uh-mah-toh (Italian, 3 syllables. My husband wants to give this baby his first name, David, which I've kinda-sort of-reluctantly agreed to under the condition that the baby will be called by his second name. We are also looking at giving a second middle name to honor my MIL's side of the family (with either Sanders or William) or to use family name, Bennion, from my side. Complicated, I know. You can see from the list that Gideon is a strong front runner for me. Here are the possibilities so far. Please give me any suggestions or opinions you have.

    David Gideon Sanders
    David Michael Sanders (nn Misha)
    David Alesssandro
    David William Bennion
    David Mateo Sanders
    David Abram Sanders
    David Joshua Sanders
    David Marco Sanders
    David William (nn Will or Liam)
    David Lorenzo
    David Joaquin

    Or if we can agree to drop David as a first name...
    Gideon Sanders
    Gideon Bennion
    Gideon Michael or Michael Gideon
    Gideon Silas
    William Bennion Sanders (I'm not crazy about BS as middle initials)

    Thanks for your help!

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    I'm not really big on the idea of using David. It seems your first son's mn is already David, so it's a bit too much David floating around. I'd also suggest Jude, Judah, Jonah, Jericho, Aaron, Samuel, Samson, Reuben, Nathaniel, Micah, and Malachi. So many great names... no need to keep reusing David. Although Gideon is nms, it works. Gideon Bennion, however, is MUCH too rhymy. I like Gideon Sanders, Gideon Michael, and Gideon Silas from your list. Marco, Mateo, and Lorenzo don't work well with your mn, as your mn ends with an -o... Joshua would slur with the 'uh' in your last name...
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    Thank you for the feedback. You make some really good points. What does "nms" mean?

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    I think Gideon just flows better with your daughters' names, plus it has more personality (to me). I like Gideon Silas.
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    I like Gideon Sanders or Gideon Silas best.

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