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    Choosing a new surname

    My fiance and I are choosing a new surname for when we get married.Neither of us like our last names and they mean nothing to us, as we only really have each other as family.

    We wanted the our surname to be something meaningful.We wanted the name to mean something like friends, family, beloved.
    It also needs to be more masculine than feminine.
    Any help with our dilemma would be very welcome.Hope to hear from some of you soon.

    Oh and his name is Brandon and mine is Sarah.

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    Baldwin (brave friend)
    Bennett (blessed)
    Davison (beloved)
    Deering (beloved)
    Edmonds (protector)
    Edward (happiness guardian)
    Fairfax (loyal person)
    Gladwin (glad friend)
    Goodwin (God's friend)
    Gordon (Beloved)
    Nolan (noble)
    Tully (peace loving)

    Please note, these are all from different internet sites. They could all have false information so please double check and make sure these are accurate. Good luck!

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    Thank you for your help.We decided on Liberty since it fits with our beliefs and values.

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