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  • Sam & Ben (Samuel Emmert & Benjamin Christopher)

    3 5.08%
  • Leo & Ari (Leo Emmert & Ari Christopher)

    24 40.68%
  • Leo & Felix (Leo Emmert & Felix Christopher)

    15 25.42%
  • Sam & Leo (Samuel Christopher & Leo Emmert)

    17 28.81%
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Thread: Leo & Ari

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    I would definitely not be offended or mind if people asked or assumed we were Jewish. I think I'm leaning toward either Sam & Leo or Leo & Felix, as DH still won't get on board with Ari.

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    I voted for Leo and Ari, which I think is great/
    1 Leo and Ari - Leo is quite common, but Ari is quite interesting. I like them paired together, but some people may assume you're Jewish.
    2 Sam and Ben- Let's be honest... Leo is a great name, but it is trendy. In other words, I know no adult Leos... but I know a number of little Leos (even among expats in China there are a few). Although Benjamin and Samuel are both popular, they're not trendy. Trendy names can become associated with shows or characters, their perceived socioeconomic status can drop (in British: become 'chavvy'), or dated. Samuel and Benjamin, though, will never seem old or chavvy, because they are classic. So when Leo or Felix seem dated, Samuel and Benjamin will still seem classic and new as ever.
    3 Sam and Leo - Although I like Sam and Leo, I'd prefer that Samuel be matched with a name similar in length... maybe Samuel and Leonard.
    4 Leo and Felix - Felix is a bit too feline for me... it's the perfect name for a cat. Makes it seem like you have a lion and a house cat.
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    I love Leo and Ari. I don;t see an issue with Ari as a jewish name, but Ari Randall (2-syllable last name starting with R chosen at random) is a little awkward since the Rs are so close together.

    Because of that, I prefer Leo and Felix
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    1. Leo & Felix (Leo Emmert & Felix Christopher)
    2. Sam & Leo (Samuel Christopher & Leo Emmert)
    3. Sam & Ben (Samuel Emmert & Benjamin Christopher)
    4. Leo & Ari (Leo Emmert & Ari Christopher)

    Leo is my fav!! & Ari is my least fav.


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    Sam and Ben or Sam and Leo. I like both. Or Ben and Leo
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