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    Thinking purely of flow... when I looked at Charis Ilona I said Carys Iona in my head, making it super Welsh/Scottish. That's possibly because I saw the word 'Irish' in the rest of the paragraph though.

    So yes. Charis/Carys Iona works well I think.

    Where do they live?

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    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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    It's a pretty name, although the spelling of the first name really bothers me. It's either Charis (Greek) or Carys (Welsh); Charys doesn't comply with spelling rules in either of those languages, so it looks like a tacky faux "pretentious/girly/cheerleader" name, like Chrystina or Tyffany or Nycole.
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    I suggested above the name Iona for her middle name, as well as Iolanthe, Ianthe, Ismene, Ismay, Ione, Ivory or Iris.

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