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    Charys Ilona? And love interests?

    Been trying to come up with a name for this character: she is 18 years old, red hair and green eyes, wants to be a musician but is struggling with how to get there..... Also ends up getting caught between two potential love interests, sort of the bad-boy and the boy next door......
    For the girl I really like Charys Ilona, not sure on surname though.... I'm also still open to suggestions on her first/ middle name, but I would like it to be something beautiful and unique.
    As for the boys, I have no idea what to name them really. The bad-boy type (although he's not very bad) is from Ireland, has long hair and an earring, plays guitar... The other guy is a bit of a nerd, skinny, wears glasses, known the main character since kindergarten and now they're roommates.....
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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