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    Cair Paravel :)

    Uh, oh. Where does this leave number 1?

    My top girls' choice for the past three years (well, honestly, over 3 years...) has been Isabelle. I adore everything about it, and I honestly can't imagine using anything else. I know, in the back of my head, that any potential future SO might very well detest Isabelle (or have a niece with the name, or whatever!), but in my mind, my future daughter is Isabelle, and I can't really imagine her name being anything else. I adore it.

    That being said, I'm not sure how prevalent this is to those outside my circle, or even to anyone else on Nameberry, but for nearly (maybe even over, actually) 10 years, I have dreamed of sponsoring a child through Compassion International. It's a great organization that provides medical attention, vaccines, clean water, nutritional food, a good education, life-skills lessons, along with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ for children in underdeveloped countries (not to mention providing parenting lessons and employment opportunities to the parents and guardians of these children). As a Christian, it's one of my favorite organizations ever, and I've dreamed of sponsoring a child through them since early in high school. Up until this point, I was unable to do anything about it, but I am finally able to do it, and I've just signed up to sponsor a little girl this weekend. The catch? Her name is Isabel. I didn't pick her because of her name--she's this sad little soul that's completely adorable and I just couldn't say no to her. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her picture on the website. Her name was only a perk. But where does this leave Isabelle on my list?

    A lot of the people I've heard speak about their Compassion child have said that they exchange letters all the time, buy Christmas and birthday gifts for their child, and their child becomes almost a fixture in their family, almost like an adopted child living halfway across the world. I haven't started a family yet, obviously, but if I do, will that make Isabelle unusable to me, now? Are there any Berries who are Compassion sponsors (or even child sponsors from a similar organization) who can weigh in on this? My sister seems to think that that shouldn't keep me from using Isabelle later on (and ultimately, I had planned to honor my Compassion child on my list, anyway), but I'm wondering if I will come to see Isabelle as only this precious little girl, and I won't really want my daughter to share it. Once I know someone with a name on my list, it starts to lose a lot of its lustre, and I'm wondering if this will happen with Isabelle.

    WDYT? Would this make Isabelle unusable, if you were in my situation?

    Thanks, Berries!
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    Oh I love Isabelle and Isabella too! So classic, beautiful and princess-y...Judging from your list we have very similar taste in names!
    I say if you absolutely love Isabelle and can't imagine another name ever then of course, use it! That said, it is such a popular name-even this sweet child half way around the world shares it! I might be inclined to either use it in the middle name spot OR use a variation-and with Isabelle there are plenty!
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    Charlotte Isabelle Would be beautiful and would honor your compassion child
    Hope that helps!!

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    We've sponsored a child previously and something like that wouldn't make me take the name off my list.
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    I wouldn't worry about it yet in all honesty. Maybe this child will be a fixture in your house, maybe you won't afford to sponsor her as long as you think and she won't. maybe you will one day write to this little girl and say, "You have brought so much joy into my life that I felt inspired to name my little girl Isabelle too!" Imagine how that would make you feel if you were that little girl with seemingly no future now has someone who loves her so much they named their own child after her. I think that is pretty special and would make me feel like I was really important.
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    I'll keep that on maybe list if it was me. Just see how your relationship with this Isabel develop in years and how you feel about it. (Btw, Compassion International sounds great! I've immediately google it.) I think it's totally okay to keep using Isabelle since Isabel is far far away from you, but if later you become so close to her, I do consider it's weird to have children name Isabel and Isabelle (though one of them is not your real daughter). Naming a child after a sponsor child is not an option I'll consider (but that's me).

    I know that your absolute favourite name is Isabelle, Ash. But the rest of your list is also very lovely.
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