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    I've told very few - only really online people, like here and another forum. I'm probably going to tell one of my friends when I see her next, but other than that we are keeping it secret for as long as possible. I'm getting big fast this time (already have a bump that looks about 4 months gone) so not sure how long I can effectively hide it, but 12 weeks + for sure.

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    When I was pregnant with Patrick we told my in-laws at around five weeks and my father a few weeks later when we saw him. We waited to tell everyone else until around 10 weeks after pressure from my MIL got too intense. With Mary we told my father and stepmother at around six weeks because my grandfather was dying and we wanted to tell him before he passed. Unfortunately we didn't get to do this since he passed away right before we were going to go down and visit him. We told my in-laws around that time since we didn't want them to feel left out. We told most of our family at Thanksgiving when I was 11.5 weeks and we'd already seen a heartbeat. We posted to facebook a few weeks later after another ultrasound. My MIL was once again really pushy and annoyed that she couldn't tell everyone in the world. And my SIL did tell a bunch of people. I think next time we're going to keep in a secret for as long as possible with 12 weeks being the goal. My son will be old enough to understand and ask questions of there is a miscarriage so I don't want him to know and I don't trust my family to not tell him. My husband is bad with secrets and I get horrible morning sickness so we'll see how well it actually works out.
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    Agree, never tell anyone you're TTC.

    With the first 3 I waited until I had my 12 week scan to tell anyone. With the last one we told our parents and close family after the 12 week scan, but waited to tell everyone until after the 20 week scan. Just because I had a miscarriage before this last pg and just wanted to make sure everything was ok.
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    I was horribly sick in the early stages of my pregnancy with Bugsy so we virtually had to tell our families and close friends at around 9 weeks, but I didn't announce it to anyone else until 14 weeks.
    With Jem we waited until 12 weeks to tell our families and then everyone else sort of found out periodically. I was a lot calmer about telling people with the second one.

    @malk Congratulations on keeping it in until 20 weeks! I was completely bulging by then, not even flowing tops saved me!
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    I told everyone! I was so excited.

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