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    I told my mom right away...I live with my parents, and had a lot of medical issues, so I needed the help and support. (Her dad and I weren't together when I found out I was pregnant, as well).

    I told my dad & brother when I was 8 or 9 weeks...again, they live with me, and I had horrible morning sickness and made an ER trip for an IV, I didn't want them to worry so much.

    3 close friends also found out right away. I told my best friend since childhood and another close friend before I told my mom. My other best friend actually asked me if I was.

    I didn't tell everyone else for a pretty long time...I think I was 16 or 18 weeks. I didn't make a FB announcement, so less close friends/family found out gradually. I waited that long because I wanted to tell my grandmother in person before I told anyone else, and had to travel by plane in order to see her.
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    We were newly married when we got pregnant with Seb,and as clueless first time parents (clueless to all that can happen in the first trimester) we ran out and told *everyone* right away we were so excited. Waiting a little bit longer to tell everyone with B, Linus and Vio (until after we had known there was a baby in there, so after seeing or hearing the heartbeat). With Felix we also told after seeing him on the US screen around 11 weeks but he passed at 21, so, regardless, there was lots of uncomfortable "untelling" to do especially since I was posting belly shots etc on FB since after 15 weeks. We got pregnant about a year after Felix died and lost that one around 6 weeks. Had not told anyone because we were still processing it as we were still freaked out having lost a baby in the 2nd trimester. Very few people irl know about that loss, I did choose to get a rhogham shot afterwards (so my MW obviously knew) but other than that, we didn't really talk about it much. Too shocked I guess. So after getting pregnant with Wolfie we waiting for a while, didn't tell our family until right before 12 weeks. I know now anything can happen at any time, and I am very much in the minority where I've had 7 pregnancies and 5 healthy children (meaning, most women having 5 children have more losses) and looking back, I would have waited until we saw a heartbeat on an US screen (the chance of a mc after seeing that goes down a lot) in the first trimester before running out to tell everyone. But that's just me.
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    We didn't tell anyone until I was 12 weeks, for a couple reasons. One, miscarriages are most common during the first trimester so I wanted to make sure we were out of that danger zone before telling anyone. Two, as hard as it was for us to keep it to ourselves, I knew it would be hard for our immediate family not to tell people too, so I didn't want to put that burden on them as well (or have them make an accidental slip and tell someone else before we were ready). So yeah, took a weekend and visited both our parents and made the announcement. We were lucky in that the weekend we were telling family also happened to be Father's Day, so it already gave us an excuse for visiting and our siblings were already there. After that, we sent a mass e-mail to all our friends and we let our parents tell our extended family, since we knew that would be exciting for them.

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    I told my parents right away because I really needed their support. Not that my SO wasn't supportive, he was wonderful, just also terrified. We told everyone else at 12 weeks, and even then I was superstitious and completely convinced that it would make me lose him somehow, but that was strictly anxiety. Oh, and my SO told his boss around eight weeks, which he didn't tell me until after he was born.
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    With Mila we just told a couple of friends and then our parents at 11 weeks, other friends after that.
    With my losses we hadn't told anyone as they were high risk pregnancies from the start due to health issues I had at the time, and I found it quite hard that nobody knew what I was going through.
    This time I've told quite a few friends, because I now have lots of mummy friends who better understand why I'm trying to wait before I get too excited. We will tell my parents in 2 weeks (when I'm 8 weeks pregnant) as I'll be staying with them then.
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