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    New name crush, wdyt?

    I've recently fallen back in love with Lurleen. To me, it feels very quirky and vintage with a sweet southern twang. I also like that it is very uncommon ( pretty sure it doesn't appear in the US top 1000), Yet still very familiar and easy to pronounce. I've never seen it mentioned on the site before, so I was wondering what you all think about it. Do you prefer the spelling Lurleen or Lurline?

    Edit: Also, do you think it could work as a middle for front runner Oona? I'm currently thinking about Oona Lorelei, but I like the idea of Oona Lurleen/ Oona Lurline.
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    I've never heard of it before! I definitely prefer the spelling Lurline, but the Lur sound puts me off, it isnt very nice on the ears

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    The Lur part is very closed off; you can't really say it with your mouth fully opened, you almost HAVE to slur it a bit. And I've never been a fan of the long E sound; I've been in and out of choirs most of my life, and that particular sound tends to be avoided like the plague. You have to sing 'eh' not 'ee.' So I don't really like it at all.
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    I've never heard of it, either, but I really dislike the "lur" sound. I much prefer Lorelei.

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    I can definitely see the charm of the name Are you a Simpsons fan? Lurleen Lumpkin was a pretty, sweet, country-singing guest character who tried to tempt Homer away from Marge. She was voiced by Beverly D'Angelo, and despite the whole temptress thing, managed to be pretty likable--she even came back in another episode.

    Anyway, that's Lurleen to me My feeling about the name is that it would make a charming person seem even more charming, and sounds especially adorable when uttered with a Southern twang, but it might not be so great outside those circumstances. I could see it maybe being cute with a sister Clementine and brother Arlo.
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