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  • Aileen

    12 12.00%
  • Cait

    13 13.00%
  • Isla

    40 40.00%
  • Iona

    36 36.00%
  • Margaret

    31 31.00%
  • Maureen

    5 5.00%
  • Moira

    32 32.00%
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    Also Aileen is pronounced ale - een

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    My vote was for Maureen. It is a bit dated, but that is why I like it. It is refreshing!
    The one person I know from Scotland is named Margaret, but Margaret is just a common name used in other countries too. The Margaret I know has a daughter named Lorna. We were friends in high school. It is from a novel, Lorna Doone. I have never read it, but I know that she has.
    There was a girl named Morven in our high school too. I don't think she was from Scotland, but that is a very Scottish name.
    Other Scottish names for girls are:
    Nessie (from the Loch Ness monster) - a nn for Agnes or Vanessa or Renesmee (just kidding) Agnes is actually Scottish.
    Scotia means Scotland and there is also Caledonia
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    Quote Originally Posted by leahmarie512 View Post
    @kala_way: From my understanding, even though Margaret isn't originally Scottish, it's been a very popular name there (I think I read somewhere that it's even the national name, if there is such a thing) for so long that it's kind of become a Scottish name, if any of that makes sense! This is all somewhat new to me, I'm actually about 90% German myself.
    That's so interesting! My name is Margaret, and a while back, I was speaking to an older Scottish gentleman on the phone (I'm a receptionist). When I said my name was Maggie, he said, "Oh, are you Scottish?" It confused me, but now I know why.

    I voted for Moira, but I also like Iona a lot. Isla is also very pretty, but it's become popular recently so it doesn't specifically say Scottish to me.
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    One of my best friends is Scottish, and she's called Mhairi (pronounced Vari), which is the vocative of Mairi. In Gaelic it's what you would have shouted at Mairi when you really needed to get her attention! I think it's a beautiful name. When we started school together teachers were constantly asking her how to pronounce her name, but that didn't last too long!

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    I really like Iona & Margaret! Iona Margaret would be so cute!
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