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  • Aileen

    12 12.00%
  • Cait

    13 13.00%
  • Isla

    40 40.00%
  • Iona

    36 36.00%
  • Margaret

    31 31.00%
  • Maureen

    5 5.00%
  • Moira

    32 32.00%
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    Scottish girl names help!

    My husband's family has a very deep Scottish ancestry that I love, so I'd love to honor that by giving our children Scottish/Irish names. It's really easy for me to find Scottish boy names that I love, but hard to find Scottish girl names that don't seem out of date.

    I'd love it if you ladies would vote on which name(s) you like the most, and if you have other suggestions please let me know! Thank you!

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    I love Scottish names! Iona is the best by far. The others (besides Moira, but I don't like Moira), just don't say Scotland to me like Iona does. Have you considered Elspeth? I like that one as well, thought not as much as Iona.
    Cait, Aileen, and Maureen, seem boring to me.
    Isla is so overused and trendy imo.
    I like Margret, but again it just doesn't say Scotland.
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    I love Aileen, Isla, Margaret and Moira
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    I adore Aileen! I may be biased though, I have very positive associations with that name. But, I do think it is lovely.
    Iona is also quite nice!
    I like Isla but agree with a previous poster it is feeling maybe too trendy.
    Also agree Margaret is very nice but doesn't ring super Scottish, though I'm sure it has that association somewhat.
    Moira and Maureen I don't love. Maureen maybe.
    Cait is a little too simple and would be forever misspelled as Kate.

    Here are some suggestions:
    Adair (surname)
    Afton (place name)
    Annabel (has Scottish origins, although most people won't associate it with that)
    Edina (English name, but a poetic term for Edinburgh)
    Eilidh (lovely, although Aileen or Isla is probably simpler)
    Fifer (surname)
    Fiona (people seem to think it's Irish, but Scottish in origin)
    Flora (not Scottish in origin, but popular there)
    Greer/Grier (surname)
    Isobel (Scottish spelling, very pretty although it might forever be misspelled)
    Mirin/Mirren (Irish name with historical ties to Scotland)

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    @kala_way: From my understanding, even though Margaret isn't originally Scottish, it's been a very popular name there (I think I read somewhere that it's even the national name, if there is such a thing) for so long that it's kind of become a Scottish name, if any of that makes sense! This is all somewhat new to me, I'm actually about 90% German myself.

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