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  • Aileen

    12 12.00%
  • Cait

    13 13.00%
  • Isla

    40 40.00%
  • Iona

    36 36.00%
  • Margaret

    31 31.00%
  • Maureen

    5 5.00%
  • Moira

    32 32.00%
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    I have always secretly loved the name Skye. It refers to the Isle of Skye. If I were Scottish I would've definitely used it.
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    @njordv: I just discovered Iona not too long ago, but I do think it's growing on me. My sister's name is Elizabeth, so Elspeth is probably out of the question. Thanks for your suggestions!

    @shvibziks: Thanks!

    @jesba: I think Aileen is very pretty, but I'm not really sure about the proper Scottish pronunciation. Can you give any help in that area? From your suggestions, I love:
    Afton (haven't thought of this before!)
    Eilidh (although I would hesitate to put such a difficult to spell name as a first)
    Greer/Grier (although I do think it comes off a little masculine for my taste)
    Mirren (also one I haven't thought of)

    Nairne sounds intriguing. It reminds me of Narnia :P

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    @kala_way: From my understanding, even though Margaret isn't originally Scottish, it's been a very popular name there (I think I read somewhere that it's even the national name, if there is such a thing) for so long that it's kind of become a Scottish name, if any of that makes sense! This is all somewhat new to me, I'm actually about 90% German myself.

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    @stephanie413: I think that the Isle of Skye looks beautiful, but the name Skye always looks to me like it should be included in the "trendy, here for a day" type of names.

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    I do agree with you that its easier to find great Scottish names for boys than for girls but there are some lovely ones for girls!

    Canna - an archipelago in Scotland
    Vaila - a Scottish island
    Ciara - irish for dark beauty
    Jessie - love this one
    Eilean - the gaelic word for island, pronouned ayl-ann
    Alba - Love this name, its the gaelic name for Scotland.
    Fiona - or fionnuala/fenella
    Imogen - popular in scoland just now
    Eilidh - the gaelic version of Helen
    Skye - the isle of Skye is a beautiful part of scotland
    Mirren - the name for the patron saint of glasgow, its also no.100 on the top 100 girls names in Scotland for this year.
    Morag - gaelic for sarah
    Ailsa - Ailsa Craig is a famous scottish island
    Mairi -my middle name, the gaelic version of Mary
    Shona - popular girls name in Scotland
    Sorcha -irish name

    Hope this helps!

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