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    Ugh. There was Alyssa, Kayla, Skyler with an E, Skylar with an A, Emma, and probably others
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    Beth, Cassie and Dina were the middle school mean girls. In high school it was Kendra, Jenna and Angela.

    To this day, I cringe when I hear both Beth and Kendra.
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    For some reason the two Lindsay's with an A that I knew were total witches. There was also a handful of Ashley's but I think the meanest was Krystle. She just did not like me for some reason lol
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    I have mean girls named Jessica, Sally, Kristina,

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    Ugh. Everyone hated me lol. There were three main stand outs though: Amelia (this was when I was I was in years 1-3), Sophie (as I got older, she really liked to pick on me, and me only) and then Meg (she wasn't as bad as the others, but she had her times)
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