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    Lindsey! Oh, she was MEAN!

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    I have too much time on my hands. Adding in my names to the previously listed ones.

    First place so far, Katherine and its' variants @ 20.
    Spellings of Ashley @14 in second.
    Alice variants (Alyssa, Alicia, etc) took third place at 12.

    Honorable mentions go to forms of Rachel, Laura, Anne and the 'Chris' group (Kristy, Chrissy, etc) with 11 mean girls each.
    Forms of Elizabeth, Lindsay and the 'Alex' names (Alexandra, Alexis, etc) all had nine.
    Sarah forms at 8.
    7 for Amanda and Jacqueline (includes Jackies, etc.)

    The six club: Melissa, Nicole/Nikki, Jessica, Kelly, Danielle, Chelsea

    Five club: Leah(w/Lea, Lia, etc), Samantha, Amelie/Emily variants, Taylor, Corinne (w/ Corienne, etc), Hannah, Megan/Meagan, Tammy and Chloe.

    Any names with less than five I assume are still safe, but the above names seem to bring out the mean in girls.

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    The meanest/bitchiest girls I ever knew were named Joanna, Mollie, Kylie, and Dita. The worst being Kylie...unfortunately this one is my fiances sister =(

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