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    The girls I disliked the most (dare I say hated?) were named Bridget, Lindsey, and Montana. Ugh...I get irritated just looking at those names now.

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    Tasha and Taylor.

    Despite the bad association, I still dig Taylor.

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    My childhood best friend was also really mean. Once I fell down on the playground and hurt my knee (bad enough for there to be some blood) and when she heard, she looked me over and said: "At least you aren't crying."
    Her name was Amanda. Another girl who was really mean (but also a friend because apparently seven-year old me just liked to be picked on) was named Theresa.

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    Growing up it there was a Claire (Typical schoolyard bully. Luckily I only shared one class with her, so could avoid her most of the time), and a Sara (Super moody drama queen, and back-stabber. Unfortunately she was in my circle of friends, and therefore less avoidable).

    As an adult, the nastiest woman I've ever had the misfortune of working with was called Laurie.

    While I like the name Claire, I detest the names Sara and Laurie now.
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    Probably Abigail. I used to be friends with her, but she was pretty controlling and cruel.

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