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    Mommy to Rileigh Elizabeth, Kennedy Jane, Graeden Thomas, and Baby 2013

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    Apr 2012
    Whitney. She was the sugary sweet mean one, the one all the teachers adore and who giggle and be cute but was vicious.
    Funnily my daughter's middle name is Whitney; it's my husband's middle and that definitely trumps 'lil Whitney from back in the day...

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    Nov 2013
    Jocelyn- made fun of me and left me out when we were really young... I will still never get over that :'(
    Miranda- A "cool girl" in the FOURTH GRADE
    Emma- I know like five Emma's and I'm only talking about one of them... a Miranda follower
    Haley- Miranda and Emma follower
    Lola- Made fun of me for no reason and said bad things about me... she was THE worst :'(

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    Sep 2013
    England, West Midlands
    Abigail- My next door neighbour when I was younger.
    Tamzin- she was a bff but we fell out and never made up as you do.

    Jess, 14 year old Teenberry with a serious name obsession

    Girls: Lucy/Lucie, Amelie, Isobel, Imogen, Evie/Eve, Ella, Mae, Poppy, Lily, Annabel

    Boys: Max, Finn, Luke, James, Louis, Alexander, Benjamin, Harry, Alfie, Joshua

    GPs: Bliss, Evangeline, Georgiana, Una, Rowan, Alexa, Saffron

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    Nov 2013
    Mine's current :L Zoe, Rishita, two people called Lydia and Anna
    thinking about...

    Claudia Miray - Juliet Aylin - Rosalie Ofilya - Vivienne Adalet
    Benedict Cem - Dominic Aslan - Frederick Bedir - Hector Elvan

    Annika - Arabella - Cordelia - Evangeline - Flora
    Genevieve - Milena - Ottilie - Raphaella - Severine - Verity

    Arlo - Dean - Draco - Evander - Hale - Hugo - Julian - Louis
    Lupin - Orion - Peter - Regulus - Remus - Theodore

    my full naming lists

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