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    There was a nasty little beotch named barbara j. who unbelievably was STILL a beotch at our 20th high school reunion! She made it a point, after a few too many drinks, to tell me she didn't elfin (f-bomb) want "us" to come to "her" school. I still laugh about it. What a jerk!

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    Vivian was a girl who loathed me; she had this weird hang up about competing with me after I beat her in the race for student council president in 7th frickin' grade.

    We had once been good friends, but after that she insisted on treating me as though I were her nemesis all the way through high school. Sigh.

    So far as I know, she was never as openly hostile to anyone else.
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    I had a few as well. It was a group of girls, but a few sort of ran the rest.

    Courtney, Rachel, Mary and Linda.

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    I was never bullied in elementary school (maybe I was the bully?) but there were a few girls I recall who were horrible entitled brats.
    Heather, Faye, Nellufah & Shavon. The worst of the worst was a girl named Anneka.
    In high school there were just a few girls who thought they were better than everyone else.
    Danaea, Andrea, Codi & Sarah.
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