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    Katherine nn Katie (but now i am friends with an incredibly sweet Katie )

    and Alexis

    but the downright meanest....Shauna!

    edit: I'm an Alyssa and i'm pretty surprised and shocked to see my name appear so much on this thread lol
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    Janelle...ugh nothing but bad memories!

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    Raelene, Kelly, Adrienne and several Jennifers.
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    Candace ~ she was the backstabbing "innocent" friend
    Cheryl ~ the hot big boobed girl that thought her $h!t didn't stink
    Amy ~ the bipolar venom tongued one with a "posse"

    Brad ~ although I love the name he was SO mean!

    I gotta say my school was rife with mean kids! I've moved away since then and I tell ya that town must've had something in the water for all the meanies.
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    Katie (fn Katherine). There actually seem to be quite a few Katies on this thread! Although I've also met some really nice Katies as well. Also Melanie, although I also have a good friend named Melanie, which makes up for it. Also Victoria and Alison, both standoffish with a maddening "holier-than-thou" attitude.
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