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    Unless you're Jewish, it's probably something that should be avoided.
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    The people with the surname Maccabee and their followers lived in the 2nd century...if any of them have living descendants, we're probably all related to them by now. Given that the history is positive, I really don't see why anyone would have issues with it--Jewish or otherwise.

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    I think it's fine. Maccabee is a fun name with a rich history. It's the perfect choice for the middle spot. To be fair though, I would assume you were religious.

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    That was my fault, I tend to write novels, and didn't want to bore everyone with a super long post - but I think my "stayed up to late, 33 weeks pregnant in 100 degree weather" brain got the best of my thought process! Hopefully I didn't come off snarky because that isn't at all how it was intended.

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    Ah, okay. From your initial post, I was unclear of whether you knew the story or just liked the sound of it. My apologies. If you know the history and are using it, that's totally cool. I am also a fan of names with history as well, as long as you're aware of what it means.

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    Speaking as the token Jew ( ), i don't find it offensive - just super odd. Like REALLY odd. We don't really use Maccabee as a name, it's more like a title or something at this point. Several of the professional sports teams in Israel are called Maccabi (ie Maccabi Tel Aviv), kind of like the way more than one British soccer team is X United. It's Jewishly patriotic I suppose, rather than sacred. But still too meaningful historically for it to have caught on for casual use. The Maccabees who began the revolt of Chankuah started a royal dynasty that ruled for several hundred years, with mixed political and religious results: some great rulers and some terrible ones, and the actions of some of them led to the destruction of the second Temple and the exile that lasts til today. If someone knows that aspect of Jewish history, using the term as a first name becomes sort of awkward, especially because we don't, as a rule, use the surnames-as-first-names method of honoring.

    *Shrug* Like I said, it's not horrible or offensive for you to use it from my/our POV, just strange or suprising.

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