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    Sometimes I think I was just born with it. I got a doll when I was three and named her Gilly Renee. All of my dolls had first and middle names. I remember sitting in the third grade and making lists of my favorite names. A few years ago I stumbled upon an old list at my Grandmother's house and it made me laugh. I too would search the cabbage patch kid aisle and read the names. I still remember a special My Little Pony that I could order and name myself. I named her Niagra (after the waterfalls) and thought i was in heaven. At the age of eight my mom bought me my first copy of Beyond Jennifer and Jason (way before Madison and Montana) and I would read it every night! My mom is a name nerd too and we both see names in colors, so...yeah I think I was born with it! Sometimes it still blows me away that I have actually NAMED my
    Seeing names in colors? That's synesthesia. I have the type chromesthesia- though I didn't realize it was unusual until about several months ago. I see flashes of color with music and words- though I've learned to block most of it out for mundane, every day words. It's not a disease or anything, but it's a genetic phenomena.
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    I feel like I've always loved names more than the average person. When I was really little I remember naming my dolls, and making little "sibsets". And in elementary school I had already had a favorites list. I also use to make my friends tell me what names they like (still do sometimes :P) When I got older, I started looking up names online, and finding different names! And now, I guess you could say I'm pretty obsessed. I was so glad to find nameberry! I thought I was the only one with a name obsession
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