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    Ohhh I love the name Ivory too

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    My name obsession freaks me and my family out and I could never out exactly why there so fascinating to me.
    but it''s probably because like @violetgray said I hate my name.

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    It was at eight or nine, when I took my allowance and birthday money to the store to buy a Cabbage Patch Kid. I had to read the birth certificates of every doll before I selected one. That opened my eyes to the world of names beyond the Heathers and Johns in my class. Ironically I never renamed a Kid, though that was allowed. (Did I mention that I went on to own six?) It would be a total dream job to name these dolls, though I suspect names are probably randomly generated by a computer these days.

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    In hindsight, I've always been a name nerd, but I didn't become "hard core" until after my husband and I set a date for trying to conceive our first child. So I've been on Nameberry since January this year. As a child/teenager, I thought about names a lot and interesting names for characters in short stories I used to write. Nowadays, it's more about practicality - selecting a name for our soon-to-be bub!
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    I just kind of fell into it really.

    It all started when I was out with my mom one day, when I was younger, and we went into a bookstore (I think she'd gone in there for a recipe book, if I remember correctly). Mom told me to go and look, see if there were any books I wanted, so off I went. I happened to glance at a shelf, and noticed a book about baby names, so curious I took it off the shelf and had a flick through. Up until that point, I didn't even realize names had meaning, or anything like that.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I basically just stood there looking up different names in this book, and became fascinated with all the different meanings. I never made it to the 'young adult' section of the bookstore, I just stood there engrossed by this baby name book.

    Mom called me, I went up and asked her if I could have the book, and she didn't even blink, she just bought it for me.

    And that's how it all started really.

    After that, I bought another book (as it had more names in it), and then another... and before long I realized I was slowly becoming obsessed... and here I am now, at the age of 18, a card-carrying member of the name nerd club.

    I now own, at an estimation, between 40-50 name books.

    Anyone would think I have a problem!
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