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    Austin and Allison's sister

    We are expecting baby 3 in September and can not decide on a name. Her duet date is our daughter Allison Joy's 1 st birthday. We are in love the name Addison but feel it may be too close to Allison. We are also considering Avery, Aubrey, Adadline, and Annalyn. Help time is running out!

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    I love Addison and I don't think it's too close to Allison at all. I would use it. I really love your other options as well, especially Aubrey and Annalyn! Great name choices!
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    casilayne Guest
    I like Addison. It is similar to Allison, but my favorite names are very similar. I just love the flow and sound of them. I think Allison and Addison sound beautiful together

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    I'd try to find something that starts with a different letter to preserve your child's sense of individuality, especially if she's going to have to share her birthday (as well as her parents).

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    Hmm Allison and Addison are way to close in my book. Avery is cute but doesn't really jive with your sibset. Adeline works and you still get to the nickname Addie. I personally am not a big fan of matchy names and I think a 3rd A is going to leave you stuck if you have any other children. Have you considered some other names? Another letter?

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