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    Oh my goodness, how rude are those moms?! Pretty sure a Vanessa is not going to be teased and bullied for her name. It really is beautiful! Sad that some rude, immature grown ups felt the need to make their worthless opinions known to you.



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    Oh my gosh, those moms are rude! I think Vanessa Claire is a beautiful name and there's no need to change it. I don't see that being an issue for your daughter in the future.
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    I love the name Vanessa! Tessa is so trendy right now. Vanessa fits right in.

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    Vanessa Claire beautiful! Don't change it. I have NO idea why people think it's dated with all these old lady names becoming popular again.
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    I'm not mad on Vanessa, I personally find the name unappealing. But then YOU like Vanessa and your daughter has been Vanessa since March don't you think that it would be strange if suddenly Vanessa became Clara. Would Vincent understand that his sister's name was no longer Vanessa but Mary? No I don't think he would. In all honesty I really think you should ignore what people think. Vanessa isn't exactly strange and if you daughter became a conformist Vanessa fits exactly into that image because in all honesty Vanessa is a classic like Veronica and Rebekah. Vanessa is just a classic name that goes with Vincent and y'know you love it! So keep it, and ignore the haters.

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