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    As you can tell from my signature, Vanessa is on my list. I don't think that the name Vanessa is dated, and I really don't care if other people think it is. Honestly, I don't like most people's taste in names these days. Look at all the horribly trendy names that are going to be outdated quicker than the kids they're bestowed upon learn how to spell them. Or what about the harsh sounding vintage revivals? They make me think of walkers, dentures and depends diapers. Or what about the boring classics? They've been used so much, I drift off to sleep just thinking about them. Vanessa manages to avoid all of those stereotypes because it is gorgeous and transcends categorization. For me, Vanessa evokes an image of youth, beauty, elegance, sophistication with just the right amount of spunk. Not many names check all of those boxes. You picked a gorgeous, modern classic for your child. I have to tell you, the people so are responding negatively are probably offended at Vanessa's beauty. They probably named their kids androgynous, clunky or boring names because they're afraid to use beautiful feminine names for their girls. Be proud of your choice OP! Your baby girl will thank you later!
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    I don't see anything bad about Vanessa at all! It's like Jessica, Christy, Amanda, Jennifer, etc like all those names from the late 80s early 90s.
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    Lol this is quite the compliment-like all those other 80s names..charming. Is this the kind of negative feedback you're getting OP? I guess this is one of those cases where you look at the signature and say-do I like any of the names on their list? And the answer to that question dictates how you interpret the response.
    And ps: I disagree with this statement. All of the aforementioned names are dated mom names because they were very popular (top 10) in the 80s and 90s while Vanessa barely made it into the top 50 at it's absolute peak.
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    I don't know why people you have encountered don't like it. I think it's great!

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    Vanessa is amazing!! i love Nessa Inessa because it has Ines/inez
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