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    Sheesh, I'm surprised you're getting negative reactions from people; for one thing, it's a timeless and beautiful name. Also, it is beyond rude to express dislike over a baby's actual name. It's one thing to comment on ideas that are being tossed around before the baby's born, but after the excited parents proudly introduce their child by name it is in extremely poor taste. Sorry you're facing that!

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    Vanessa is a beautiful name! Some people may say dated, but I honestly don't think it is. I think its a lovely name and the fact that its ranked 122 shows that a lot of people agree with your choice. I wouldn't change it!

    We got a lot of negative reviews with our eldest sons name but it fits him like a glove. A name doesn't define who you are either, you define the name to the people around you, so even if she grows up and wants to be conformist she still can be - it isn't her name that makes her what she is.

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    I agree with those who think that her name is perfectly lovely and doesn't need changing! Even though Vanessa may be a bit past its peak popularity I don't think that's a reason not to use the name.

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    Your daughter has an elegant, modernish, and graceful name that I don't think is dated in the slightest! Don't change it!!!!!!

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    I don't think Vanessa was ever that popular to be seen as dated. I think it's a lovely name, it'd be on my own list if it wasn't already taken. I don't understand why you're getting negative reactions to it, I wouldn't change it at all.

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