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    Possibly the reason you are getting a negative reaction is that as you stated, are more bohemian and they are expecting a more bohemian name? And for that reason I love it, it is unexpected! Vanessa is such a versatile name too, nicknames can be ultra feminine such as Ness or Nessa or a bit more tough and spunky like Van (which I personally love)...
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    I don't understand the negative reactions, either. You'll never make everyone happy. Please don't change it! If you're in the US, about 1 in every 800 girls (1 in 1600 children) was named Vanessa last year. That doesn't seem overly common to me.

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    I'm really perplexed by why you would get a bad reaction??? Vanessa Claire is a gorgeous name! I give Kudos to her parents and she will someday too!

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    I definitely wouldn't change it if you both love. Vanessa is a perfectly nice name. I have the same impression as most people, that it is a bit dated, but certainly not a negative reaction to it. I have found that people will always have both positive and negative reactions no matter what name you choose depending on the names they like. You just have to ask yourself whether or not those are people whose opinions you actually care about. I've had some different reactions to my daughter Freya's name. One woman had never heard of it (Freya? Like a frayed cloth?), her children were named Jace and Kayla, definitely not someone whose opinion I care about. You just have to go with what you like and people will get used to it.
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    I wouldn't change it. Don't mind the negative reactions. If you like Vanessa, then stick with it. Vanessa is a lovely name and I think it's better than some of the more contemporary choices these days. It's not a name that will cause trouble to the child. I think Vanessa Claire has an elegant feel to it. It may sound dated to some people but I think it's perfectly usable and it ages well too.

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