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    I think the name is perfectly fine. Honestly I think you will get some backlash to whatever you name your child even if it is as popular as Emma. I would keep the name. I think Vanessa is beautiful!!! F**k everyone else .

    GL my dear!!

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    I love the name Vanessa! Who are these people who object??? And what are they thinking???? You made a brilliant choice, stick by it!

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    I think your daughters name is lovely don't change it
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    Gorgeous name! Don't change it!

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    Well I have a baby girl named Vanessa Rose, and although I don't get as many compliments on her name as I do on her sister, Isabella's name, I have never gotten negative feedback. I mostly just get nothing as people try process this unlikely choice for a baby and perhaps try to remember the last time they heard this name. I have gotten used to it and don't really expect a reaction. I have also come to realize that if you want a ton of compliments from people, you need to choose a name from the top 10. Those names are popular for a reason-a lot of people like them. Truthfully though I'm very surprised to hear that you are getting a negative reaction to Vanessa! I'm just curious, what have people said? I can't even begin to imagine?
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