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    The women who made those comments are rude, so I really wouldn't take their comments to heart. Someone once asked me why we chose the name Vanessa Rose and after I explained our reasoning, the person ended the conversation with-well I'm glad you did because its such a beautiful name. That person also happens to have daughters named Emma and Olivia, so to them Vanessa is a strange choice because its not popular. I think people are curious about off-beat names. It's not always a bad thing.
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    "Who names their baby Vanessa anymore?" I hope you answered 2,540 parents last year alone! More than the trendy Tessa, Valentina or even Vivian. In fact, the ONLY V names for girls that were more popular than Vanessa last year were Violet and Victoria! Victoria is a classic and has been overused for many years. The "oh so trendy" Violet was only a little more popular at 3,252 births in 2012. That's less than 700 girls more than Vanessa! How's that for a reality check? You are dealing with ignorant people who obviously didn't look past the SSA top 10 for their kids. I wouldn't even give it another thought! Truthfully, I am jealous you got to use such a beautiful name for your baby girl! It's a gem. I am having a boy and boys names are not nearly as much fun
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    Obviously, you don't need any more voices to the chorus of "don't worry about what the jerks say!" But after your clarification, I just wanted to add that, if your concern is more for the responses your daughter will get in the future than about the flack you're receiving, you probably don't need to worry. If other moms from your moms group were the ones who were critical...well, I think it may very well be because they've just gone through the whole baby naming decision process themselves. More than most people, they're primed to have stronger opinions about names because they've been thinking about it more. I mean, I've noticed this in myself: since becoming pregnant and thinking about names for our kid, I've become more opinionated and judgement about other new baby names I hear! (Though I do keep negative reactions to myself!)

    Also, just look at Nameberry...a bunch of people thinking about names too much, and we can all get a little critical. (Although, we're mostly talking about potential names when we're being rude, not about names of the babies right in front of us! Those women are so rude.) Anyway, I wouldn't worry for your daughter's sake. You've just encountered a particularily critical segment of the population, I think.

    Also, I think Vanessa is outside of any currently trendy categories of names: surname/unisex, vintage revivals, old lady names, totally new made-up names, word names, etc. That might be why it's not received well. But I personally think it's classy and lovely, and fits quite well with Vincent, even though I don't usually go for alliteration.

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    Vanessa is beautiful and surprisingly underused imo! I don't view it as dated. I also think other people's opinions would be a poor and superficial reason to change a child's name.
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