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    What are you worried about? She has a beautiful name, please don't overthink it, just because a few rude people have made uncalled for comments.

    Golly I got lots of looks (no face to face rudeness bar 1 though) when I named my son Miles when all his peers were named Matthew or Daniel, and then when when my daughter chose Xanthe for her daughter the blank faces that I encountered when I told them her name were numerous but I took it as an opportunity to explain where this gorgeous name came from and its meaning (in other words I felt that I was educating them and it didn't give them a chance to put in a rude word.

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    Vanessa is lovely! It means "butterfly."

    Don't change it. People are going to have negative and positive things to say about it.

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    Those are some rude women. Vanessa has never been too heavily used to date to one decade or age group. Its a well known name and its versatile. I would not be shocked to meet a little Vanessa. Can you share with us the other mom's kids names? It will give an idea of their style and maybe why they said those things.

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    While it's always completely out of line and uncalled for to make those kinds of remarks to someone about their baby's name, I can understand based off your description of your own personality why people might be surprised to hear "Vanessa." Again, still not okay and I'm sorry you've had to experience these rude comments from people.

    What about calling her "Nessa" as a nickname? That sounds bohemian enough to me, and I think it's cute and wearable long-term. I actually know of an adult Vanessa who goes by Nessa among family and friends.
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    I think Vanessa Claire is beautiful! And I love the pp's suggestion of Nessa as a nn.

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