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    My first thought was Dante as the first name, instead of Daniel. It's got the same Dan- start (although is pronounced more like Don-tay) but is much more uncommon than Daniel, which makes it fit in better with his siblings.

    How about Dante Carl Mc-? Carl being a variant of Charles.

    Anna Katherine * Lydia Ellen * Zoe Madeleine * Phoebe ___ * Imogen ___ * Emilia ___
    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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    The only variation I have heard of Daniel is Danko.
    Carlos and Charlton are variation of Charles.
    I have thought about using Nathaniel as a similar name to my brother Daniel. They have the same ending.
    Other names like this are Cassiel/Castiel, Ezekiel, Gabriel, Gadriel, Othniel, Uriel/Oriel/Auriel, Remiel, Ananiel, Araciel, Azaziel.
    I am not religious, but most of the names I listed are names found in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Enoch. The are archangels.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. We are the opposite of religious, but he wants to use the name still. I was especially surprised to hear someone suggest Orion, since I have a son named Orion already and it's a pretty uncommon name. Keep the suggestions coming, please! Nothing we can agree upon yet.

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    bumpity baby bump.

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