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    Alternatives for Daniel Charles

    My husband, Daniel, wants to name our son Daniel Charles after his grandfather. The name is a bit common for my taste and doesn't really flow with our other children. We also already have several Daniels and Charlies in the family. Our other children (we have four) are Orion Johnathan, Sage Elysium, Cerridwen Willow, and Rowan Audric. We have a Mc last name (Irish). Does anyone have any other suggestions or variations for Daniel Charles?

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    Ooh that's tough. I think a Daniel would feel different from his brothers and sister if he was given such a common name compared to the rest of them. I'd use Daniel or Charles as a middle and come up with something you both can agree on for the first name.


    Drake or Draco Charles
    Apollo Daniel
    August Daniel
    Sirius Charles
    Solomon Daniel
    Conan Daniel
    Zephyr Charles or Daniel
    Grover Daniel
    Hawthorne Charles
    Phoenix Daniel

    Hope this helps!
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    I'd make both Daniel and Charles middle names--they're great!

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    What about....
    Dan Charelston
    Xavier Charles
    Quinitin (means fifth) Hunter
    Augustan (Gus) Daniel
    Patrick Daniel
    Franklin Charles
    Jeremiah Scott

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    I think if we find a first name that might lend well to the double middle names that might work. Would probably have to be at least two syllables though.

    e.g. _________ Daniel Charles McCarthy

    We've been throwing around Finn and Oisin (O-Sheen) but those don't go with D.C. very well.

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