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    Well, I'm glad I'm appreciated.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    There are certain names on Nameberry that are considered "good" and, if you don't like them, there's something a bit wrong with you. I'm thinking...Beatrice, Cecilia, Josephine, etc. When I mention one of these names to an outsider and they don't like it, I can't help but think they're a bit of a philistine. My husband's cousin recently named her daughter Paloma. Everyone screwed up their faces, but I rejoiced! Honestly, Berries have x1000 better taste than most non-Berries! It's just true and we all known it
    Completely agreed!

    I keep waiting for someone to be all "just because we're berries doesn't mean our taste is better! If you love M'jadeistyn, use it! Good taste in names comes from the heart!"

    To which I preemptively say: No. No it doesn't. Good taste in names comes from hearing/reading lots of names, caring about names, and occasionally looking some up and researching them, which is the definition of a Berry. Sure, individual taste is subjective-- some berries are fans of names like Tallulah, others prefer obscure ones like Ophelia, still others favor solid classics like Catherine. But all three of those names are infinitely more tasteful than Brynzleigh and Jaidyn, simply because they're actual names with a history of use. Sure, non-berries might react with horror to meeting little Ophelia and Harriet-- but the berries who chose those names probably put a lot more thought into their choices than the horrified non-berries did into naming little Masen and Mackenzie.

    Also, in a hundred years it could very well be Caden and Nevaeh that are the classy names, while less tasteful parents opt for 1003lyn and Binary Transmutation Conductor. But that isn't the case yet.
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    I see a lot of names on here that aren't for me. I like really classic names that are perhaps a little bit old fashion. Names that everyone should be able to pronounce, spell and recognize. However I do appreciate a lot of names that I personally wouldn't want to use for my own children. Part of that stems from having a really difficult to spell and rare last name so they'll already be busy correcting everyone with the pronunciation and spelling of their last name. I think part of the reason I enjoy the baby naming games so much is to stretch my wings a little and use some more rarer names.
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    I feel that way sometimes when I talk to my friends. One friend made the most horrific face when I said I liked Isaac, quickly followed by "That's an old person's name!" But she named her brother Masen. Its just a different taste.

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    That our taste in names are super crazy? Yup. Though I'm sure there a non-berries out there who appreciate some of our name tastes.
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